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January 2022

Long COVID rehabilitation: An adapted TOM scale is being developed for Long COVID rehabilitation, please click here if you are interested in trialling the scale. 

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Monitoring inequalities and unwarranted variation:  We are looking for services to get involved in our pilot to explore how ROOT might help members meet the needs of the diverse populations they work with. For example, by collecting information about patient ethnicity, are SLT services able to identify populations who are not accessing their services? Or by collecting information about the level of deprivation where patients live, will SLTs be able to recognise unwarranted variation in patient outcomes? 

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The ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

Speech and language therapy services have undergone substantial changes in the last year. As a result of the considerable number of other demands on their time, it is likely that SLTs have faced additional challenges with collecting and utilising data.

However, given the increasing concerns about access to services and outcomes as a consequence of the disruption, data is, and will continue to be, critical to inform decision making, identify risks and monitor the impact of the pandemic. Data from the ROOT is already being used in this way. As exemplified in this article, reviewing the data in the ROOT can help to demonstrate the impact of change, both the positive and negative consequences.

We would like to thank everyone who has continued to contribute data to the ROOT over the last 12 months. We appreciate that we are still in challenging times, but would encourage services to continue to collect this really valuable data.

COVID-19 speech and language therapy data collection tools

The RCSLT has developed this dataset to support the speech and language therapy profession with capturing data on the management of patients with confirmed and suspected COVID-19. This data will help us to understand the impact on patients and those that care for them, be that in an acute, clinic or community setting. The COVID-19 Data Collection Tool has been developed to enable SLT services to submit their data to the national database and access reports on their data.

Speech and language therapy teams/services interested in using this dataset may do so by using one of the following two options: 

  1. Spreadsheet A spreadsheet is available for you to download and begin collecting data on individuals with confirmed and suspected COVID-19. Speech and language therapy services interested in using the COVID-19 Data Collection Tool should click ‘Register’ in the menu, above. Alternatively, services can use this template to gather and analyse the data at a local level only.
    • Click here to download the spreadsheet . Please note that this template was last updated on 15 May 2020. Where possible, please discontinue use of any previous templates and start using this version. Please be reassured that data collected on earlier versions of the template can still be submitted to the RCSLT COVID 19 Data Collection Tool and you will not need to transfer the data into this new template.
    • If you are experiencing issues with downloading and/or using this template, it may be the case that your organisation does not permit the use of macro-enabled Excel workbooks. In this instance, please click here to download an alternative version of the template.
    • Speech and language therapy services interested in using the COVID-19 Data Collection Tool should click Register in the menu, above. Alternatively, services can use this template to gather and analyse the data at a local level only.
  2. RCSLT Online Outcome Tool: If your team/service already uses the ROOT, you can record the COVID-19 status of each patient there with each rating. It is also possible to collect the additional fields included in the dataset on the ROOT. For more information, please contact

COVID-19 speech and language therapy data collection resources

The following documents have been developed about this work:
  • COVID-19 data collection guidance: This guidance document has been developed, containing more information about the two data collection methods, along with a detailed set of definitions that accompany the dataset. Download the document here.
  • COVID-19 data collection information governance pack: This document summarises the legal requirements and local policy regarding information governance and data security legislation for SLT services wishing to use the COVID-19 Data Collection Tool. Download the IG Pack here.

A printable form has also been created, to enable the data to be collected on paper before being transferred onto the spreadsheet. Please click here to download the form.

It is recognised that this is an extensive dataset, and it is not necessary for services to collect all of the suggested data fields. More information about this is available in the guidance document, above.

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